Ingredient Spotlight: Glycolic Acid

glycolic acid ingredient
Glycolic acid is a highly effective skincare ingredient known for its exfoliating and skin brightening properties. It belongs to a larger class of ingredients known as alpha hydroxy acids (AHA’s). Other common AHA’s include lactic acid (milk), citric acid (oranges and lemons), malic acid (apples and pears), and tartaric acids (grapes). Sugar crops – such as sugar cane, pineapple, and sugar beets – are the largest natural source of glycolic acid. In its raw .

Simple DIY Natural Skin Care Recipes

DIY Natural Skin Care Ingredients
Here are some simple DIY natural skin care recipes to help you achieve that healthy, beautiful look with minimal time and money.  Face Brightening Cleanser Does your skin sometimes look dull and lack a bright glow? Then you’ll want to try out this face brightening cleanser. This DIY recipe calls for three simple ingredients: lemon, honey and baking soda. Mix your ingredients and apply to your face for about 15 minutes, then wash off with a .

10 Skincare Tips and Tricks

skin care tips and tricks
Looking for ways to pamper and improve your skin? Try these 10 skincare tips and tricks for a more beautiful and healthier you. Healing Honey Honey can be a sweet remedy for taking care for dry, cracked lips. It helps to heal wounds and hydrate parched skin, plus the anti-viral properties make it a good cold sore remedy, too. Bust a Move Need yet another reason to work out? Exercise gives your face a .