Our Company

Our Philosophy

Our VIA philosophy is centered on the principle that healthy skin is a reflection of total wellness both inside and out. Skin, the body’s largest organ, is connected to the health of all systems in the body. We believe that proper skin care can lead the way to overall health improvements. By taking all the necessary steps to achieve healthy skin – including the right products, proper nutrients, and positive lifestyle choices – over time, your whole body will be healthier too.

We also believe lasting beauty comes from within. The fact is, your skin absorbs about 65% of what is placed on it – so whatever you put on your face goes into your body. Our luxury pharmaceutical-grade product formulations, manufactured in our FDA registered and CGMP compliant facility, use only the finest quality, pure and powerful ingredients that penetrate deep into the cellular layers of the skin to effect real change, resulting in radiant, healthy skin at any age. We use USP grade ingredients proven to be most effective with specific concentrations of antioxidants, plant lipids and extracts, sea vegetables, essential oils, peptides, vitamins and minerals. Our products only contain ingredients that are necessary for meaningful results and do not contain harmful ingredients.

Our Mission

To make a difference in people’s lives by developing and selling advanced skin care solutions that deliver meaningful results, while also inspiring an overall healthier lifestyle, and giving back to the community.

Giving Back

At VIA, we follow our passions and strive to make a difference. We believe we have a responsibility to give back to our community and help others. We look to partner with organizations that make a difference in what they do and are also committed to giving 100% of their donations directly to the cause they serve. We set a goal to increase our giving every year and continue to make a bigger difference.